Easiest Way to Make Tasty Thai Milk Tea Pudding

Easiest Way to Make Tasty Thai Milk Tea Pudding post thumbnail image

Thai Milk Tea Pudding. Find Deals on Thai Milk Tea in Beverages on Amazon. We draw inspiration from ancient artisanal practices as well as modern culinary innovation. In a sauce pan, whisk together the cornstarch, tea infused milk and remaining milk, condensed milk and vanilla.

Thai Milk Tea Pudding Transfer the Thai tea gelatin mixture into the serving glass (to fill only ¾ of the glass). Matcha soy milk pudding. four; soy milk, sugar, matcha green tea powder, powdered gelatin, hot water, Brown Sugar Syrup If you love soy pudding (think 老伴豆花 "lao ban tau huay") and the flavours of Thai milk tea, then this Thai Milk Tea Soy Pudding is a match made in heaven for you. We infused Thai tea into our homemade soy pudding to create a light, refreshing and flavourful dessert that's the perfect pick-me-up at any time of the day! You can have Thai Milk Tea Pudding using 5 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Thai Milk Tea Pudding

  1. You need 1 sachet of Nutrijell – no flavour.
  2. You need 100 gr of Thai Milk Tea Powder.
  3. You need 2 tablespoon of Sugar.
  4. Prepare 200 mL of low fat milk – Vanilla flavored.
  5. Prepare 600 mL of Water.

The tea itself is a blend of black tea, dried pandan leaves, and dried lemongrass; some brands may include star anise, crushed tamarind, anise seed, cardamom, vanilla bean, and other spices as well. For Thai iced tea, the leaves are brewed to a strong reddish-amber infusion, then chilled and poured atop a layer of sweetened condensed milk. Thai Milk Tea is ordered by asking for Cha Yen (transliterated meaning Cold Tea). Thai people do not drink much hot tea with milk because it is so hot in Thailand.

Thai Milk Tea Pudding instructions

  1. Weigh 150 gr Thai Milk Tea powder and put it into a cooking pot. This brand is Thai local brand and it has a very strong flavor compared to the famous multinational brand. So, if you use another brand, you might need to adjust the amount of the tea powder. If you also feel that using this local Thai brand gives too strong taste, you can also reduce the tea powder based on your preference.
  2. Add 1 sachet Nutrijell powder no flavor and 2 tbsp Sugar into the cooking pot. Whisk it until homogenous with the Thai tea powder. You can modify the amount of sugar based on your preference..
  3. Add 800 mL water into the powders little by little and whisk until forming a homogenous dark orange liquid.
  4. Add 200 mL milk into the mixture and mix.
  5. Put the cooking pot into the stove, turn to medium heat and keep stirring until it boils.
  6. Turn off the heat and pour the liquid pudding into a glassware container and let it cool down and set.
  7. After it cools down to room temperature, close the container and put it into the fridge for around 2 hours. Then it is ready to eat!.

So cold Thai milk tea is a very common drink which you can buy from street drinks stalls on every street. The bitterness of the green tea powder works well with. For this Thai iced tea recipe, you'll need both sweetened condensed milk, and also evaporated milk. Sweetened condensed milk (nom khon wan นมข้นหวาน) is thick and sweet, almost like a syrup, while evaporated milk (nom kreme tiam นมครีมเทียม) is like heavy cream, and is unsweetened. This brand is Thai local brand and it has a very strong flavor compared to the famous multinational brand.

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